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Backyard cottage, West Seattle

Entero Design was selected as the interior design firm to join the team on this backyard cottage project located in West Seattle. We met with the clients to work on the multi-generational living space for the mother to live in. This project will allow the daughter and new grandchild to live in the main house and have the space they need.

We were excited to take on the challenge of designing a detached accessory dwelling unit (DADU) that would satisfy all of their needs and provide sustainable and affordable housing for this family to grow over the years.

Inside the bright and airy cottage, the space includes a vaulted ceiling , great room space, bedroom, bathroom area and the washer/dryer is tucked away in an entry hall closet.  Pocket doors give the bedroom and bathroom complete privacy from the rest of the home while saving floor space. One of our top priorities was to bring in as much natural light as possible to create the illusion of space. With the tall ceilings, light finishes, and a couple of design tricks up our sleeve, like adding an extra window in the kitchen between the cabinets, the Cottage feels much grander than its 600 square feet would suggest. The large sliding doors open to the backyard and bring a lot of light into the space. The cottage is just a short walk to the main house.

Photos by Jeff Beck Photography
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