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Are you looking for a healthy alternative to the synthetic carpet that is flooding the market right now? Check out Earthweave Carpet Mills truly sustainable wool carpet and area rugs. We have been providing Earthweave carpet and padding to clients since 1996. We love their carpet and pad so much, we had it installed in our new office.. 
Earthweave stands apart from their competitors as a company that supports their green claims from wool production to the end of the product's life cycle. Their carpet is made from all natural, chemical free wool with a natural fiber backing and adhesive sourced from rubber trees. No toxic stain or fire retardant treatments or moth proofing chemicals, period! The range of colors in their product comes from the raw natural coloring of the sheep they raise.
Contact us today to schedule a time to take a look at samples of the different styles and colors available in person.
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We offer discounted pricing on Earthweave Carpet Mills products for Contractors and Designers. Contact us to learn more.

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