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Harvested from the cork oak tree (Quercus Suber) in Portugal and Spain, cork is stripped from the trunks of trees every nine years, and the trees live for about 100 years. Not only is cork a recyclable, anti-allergenic, and resistant to insects, but the low amount of energy expended during its manufacturing process keeps the total amount of energy used in production lower than that for any other resilient or laminate flooring.
Nova Cork, a leading manufacturer of cork flooring products, takes it one step further by recycling 100% of their manufacturing by-products. Their dedication to protecting the environment using renewable resources to manufacture cork floors provides a  unique sustainable flooring option.
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Cork flooring is made from the waste of the cork wine-stopper industry. Bottle stopper "corks" are punched from the best material in the slabs. The remaining scraps are molded and baked in speacialized ovens. This process enables production of cork underlayment, cork planks, cork tiles and cork sheets. 

We offer discounted pricing on Nova Cork products for Contractors and Designers. 

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