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If you are looking for sustainably sourced engineered wood flooring, look no further than Tesoro Woods. Engineered Quartz is an extremely durable, low maintenance alternative to natural stone. Quartz is scr

Modern quartz is incredibly durable and low maintenance. It’s extremely strong since its man-made polymers reinforce the natural quartz. With proper care, your surface will stay shiny and smooth without the need to ever seal, polish, or condition your quartz countertop.  Your quartz also helps create a healthier indoor environment because it’s a non-toxic surface that doesn’t contain any foreign substances that may harm the earth or your health. 

Keeping it looking like new is a cinch, too, since quartz is inherently scratch-, scorch-, and heat-resistant. These may be important decision-making factors if you have a busy, active family. Spills and other messes are easily taken care of with a damp cloth or a sponge and a bit of soap and water.

Contact us to schedule a visit our showroom to look at samples of the different quartz products we carry.
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